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Color Tool Offerings:

BASF Color Tools


The most advanced color matching system in the industry

BASF has always been the leader when it comes to providing color information. Their global color information database allows immediate access to formulas developed in laboratories strategically located throughout the world.


In addition to the color information database, COLOR-MAX® III, COLOR-MAX®mobile2, color books, our Antique Color CD and other color selection tools bring you an entire world of color matching, right at your fingertips!



The best keeps getting better!

The COLOR-MAX tools from BASF Refinish have always been on the leading edge when it comes to quality and innovation. COLOR-MAX units come with a comprehensive selection of laboratory verified paint color chips–providing you with the most advanced color matching system in the industry in terms of accuracy, color range and ease-of-use.


For quick and accurate color matches, each COLOR-MAX 3 chip is sprayed with high-quality BASF paint. Designed specifically for the automotive market.




Convenient and accurate color chips in an easy-to-store mobile format. 


Color Chip Books

Your assistant for all your color identification needs. 



Fleet Selector

455 colors are chipped within this selector. 



Antique Color CD

A CD with electronic images of over 5,700 color chips from 1936 to 1972.  



Trim & Accent Colors

A fan of swatches for matching vehicle trim and accent colors



 Tinting Guides

When tinting is required, our guides will help you visualize specific color characteristics so you can select the correct mixing base.  

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