About Us


Perfect Paint has been in the Automotive Paint Industry from April of 2004. Our main facility is located at 102 Wulff Rd opposite Peardale, in the two-story Building Gold Yellow and Royal Blue.


At Perfect Paint is where you will fine the finest coatings available for the collision repair, commercial fleet and automotive specialty markets.

Our R-M® and LIMCO® paint products are supported by technical training programs, advanced color information systems and business management seminars.


Perfect Paint is an industry leader in the color matching tecnique, color-management, business management and facility planning tools.


When it comes to our Brand of Paint by BASF Refinshed Paints; Color. It's the first thing - and sometimes, the only thing - your customers notice. That's why you need a coating and a company you can count on which is Perfect Paint.


More than the best paint and the best support!

More than just paint!